The Learning Hacks You Need In This Busy World..

We all get it! We have to keep learning or else we will fall behind from this fast evolving world!

If you ever thought “I know it is important to keep learning, I know I need to improve my skills, I just don’t have the time!!!” then I advice you to continue reading 


Do you have a friend who just seems to have it all figured out!?

This friend works 8-10 hours a day, goes to the GYM consistently, takes care of himself, enjoys his/her time out with friends AND consistently keeps learning from books, online and offline courses, and audio programs! He/She just has it figured out!!!


The confusing (and irritating) part is whenever you ask him/her: How do you keep learning everyday? He/She says: I just make good use of my time!

“OKAY Einstein! How? Tell me HOWWW!?”


I dug deeper to understand how does such people operate (Including me). This post is the answer. I decided to break this down to two questions:

  1. When do I learn?
  2. What do I learn?


First: When do I learn?


I tracked my day to day activities and other people’s day to day activities and I found that there are two major times where you can “slip in” some learning:


1- While Commuting:

It’s an obvious one. But I want to show you how much you can make out of it! – Especially if you commute in traffic on daily basis (Dubai to Sharjah and vise versa is a world-class opportunity to learn!)

Look! It’s 1 hour and 40 minutes of your day which you can learn SOOO many things (I will tell you what you can do in a few)


2- Before Sleeping & While Eating


Now this is a tricky one. we all check our phones in these times, and we are usually drained with no power to learn anything new. Now, that’s fine, I get that too!. But I noticed that I always look for edutainment videos that is fun to watch! (I’ll tell you what I mean in a bit)


Second: What do I learn?


It is really one of three formats:


  • Audio
  • Video
  • Text


Simple, huh? I’ll explain 🙂

1. Audio (Podcasts)


If you are not a podcast fan, then YOU SHOULD BE ONE! It’s AMAZING!


Why Podcasts? Several Reasons, Here are some:

  • You have a HUUUGE variety for learning new stuff – career, personal development, business, even humor!
  • Almost all the video shows that I usually watch are available in audio format FOR FREE!


How to get started on Podcasts?


Step 1- Download the App

  • Use the iOS Podcast Application if you are an iPhone user
  • You can also use Stitcher on android


Step 2- Subscribe to Shows

Here is a list of shows I recommend if you are interested in business and personal development:

  • The Garyvee Audio Experience
  • Marketing Secrets by Russell Brunson
  • Side Hustle School
  • The Hustle Show
  • The Brendon Show
  • Social Media Marketing Talk Show


Here are some of the shows I follow 🙂

Step 3- Enjoy listening!

The beauty of this is that you don’t have to download new episodes every time they go live. You just subscribe and it gets downloaded automatically for you ! (And deleted once you are done listening to them!) – How convenient!


2. Video:


Let me give you examples of what I mean:

  • TED Talks! – We all like to watch TED talks, especially the humorous and inspiring ones!
  • YouTube channels that tackles issues you personally face

For example, I am not a very style-friendly person by nature! Hence, I subscribe to YouTube channels that teaches me something new about men style –


3. Text


This is STILL powerful way of learning and brings alot of value.


  • Quora  Quora is THE place to be if you have any question in mind. You can find CEOs and COOs answering questions on this platform!


Below is a screenshot for one of my favorite questions on Quora – It has more than 190 comments from Top achieving people in the world!! (Check it out here!)


  • StumbleUpon – If you are interested in a certain topic and you are too lazy to look for news and interesting articles about it, then StumbleUpon is here to help! It’s a discovery engine that collects interesting articles based on your interests.

Here you can find the different interests that I chose to follow – there are a hundreds of interests you can choose from (They didn’t miss a topic!)



If you think all of this is alot to do, I will simplify it for you. Do one of these and you will learn something new everyday 🙂


  • Watch an edutainment video while eating or before sleeping
  • Read interesting articles on StumbleUpon while eating or before sleeping.
  • Check the updates from social media edutainment content creators before sleeping
  • Listen to a podcast show while driving to and from work


The Point Is: Learn ONE thing new everyday in whichever day you see possible. You will grow and prosper by time! Take it easy and have fun learning!:)


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