Your Major Sucks, Here is why… – Part 1

We all view graduation days as happy days. Here is another way to look at your graduation day..


Don’t get me wrong.. I was so happy just like everyone else after 4 years of tiring and consistent work. I had a TON of fun celebrating along with my family and friends.




Two years ONLY after that day, I realized something.. On that same day, I was graduating with my competition! – The people I will compete against in a job market that’s based on supply and demand! (With very low supply and very high demand!)


As bad as this might sound to you, I am going to explain what I mean by talking about a myth that I want to demolish!


Have you ever heard this statement from your parents, your friends, or even from you!?


“Get an Engineering Degree, You will make a lot of money when you graduate! And You will have a high status!”


First off, I have nothing against engineering.  I love it! (I am an Engineer after all!) But I have EVERYTHING against this statement!


Note: This applies to any profession/major. You can fill in the blank any profession/major you have in mind:


“Get a/an ___________ Degree, You will make a lot of money when you graduate! And You will have a high status!”

This is plainly NOT TRUE.


To prove my point, I want you to ask yourself: What would be the reaction of your employer if you decide to resign today?


Here are some possible answers:

Answer #1: “My boss loves me, he will fight to make me stay!”

Answer #2: “I will reconsider if they offer me a raise”

Answer #3: “They will let me go and hire someone else other than me.”


If your answer was close to answers #1 or #2, then you are in a good position (assuming this is a true answer and you are not fooling yourself!)


If your answer was close to answer #3, then you are in a critical situation. This means you are EASILY REPLACEABLE! That is the truth.


Now, don’t worry if that’s the case.


Most of the young professionals are in this situation and that’s not an odd thing to be. It’s not 100% right, but it’s very common.


The question then is: How do you become irreplaceable? How do you make your answer change from #3 to something similar to #2 or #1?


In other words, How do you make your employer beg you to stay at work? (Yes, BEG!)


This is going to be the topic of part 2 of this post! Stay tuned! Subscribe to get notified when part 2 is released!