Your Major Sucks, Here is why… – Part 2

In the part 1, we talked about a myth that we have been raised to believe as true but the reality is the complete opposite.


Now we will pick up where we lift off. How do we make your employer beg you to stay at work?


To answer this question. This needs a mindset shift.


I realized that after working in an International Company as a Traffic Engineer:


A lot of people left the company in a short period of time for various reasons. However, the management didn’t mind that simply because, in principle, anyone who wanted to leave was replaceable.


The Mindset Shift: You are worth what you provide. No More. No Less.


This is very common in the engineering world…


We are often surprised that after 4 years of studies, we graduate to a different world that we were told about. This world includes less money and more work than we were told it had!

The Lie

We are practically told that engineering is going to make us a lot of money – and we will be given high positions with high pays – The employers are going to practically BEG us to work with them.

The Truth

Low wages – long working hours – harsh working conditions – no appreciation of work

Why does that happen..?

But why..??


There are several reasons why this to happen, but the major reason is what I explained in part 1:

  • Supply and Demand: There are A LOT of people who do EXACTLY what you do and have EXACTLY the same certificate as you do. You are just one person in the crowd to the employer.


In other words, there are a lot of people who graduated with you who hold the same degree as you do, and want the same job as you do! You can compete against them, but you are always replaceable!


My Journey to Become Irreplaceable


When I realized this, I decided to move away from engineering and focus on something I was passionate about and found more impactful and personally fulfilling.


I moved to the entrepreneurship world immersing myself in Marketing and customers Psychology to increase my value as an employee to my employer.


After six months, and because my focus was to become more and more irreplaceable:

  • My employer thinks of me as a big asset for the company. (Not irreplaceable yet, but I am surely gonna work my butt off to become as much irreplaceable as possible)
  • I am humbled that I got a job offer that would potentially pay 3.5x more than my current job – which I politely declined.
  • I was offered a part-time freelance opportunity for about 3 months that would pay me a year worth of my salary – which I also politely declined.


Note: Both offers were in the areas that I focused on to help me become more and more irreplaceable to my employer!


Your Turn


Now it’s your turn, how do you become irreplaceable? Share your thoughts in the comments 🙂

I read all of them 🙂

P.S. In future posts, I will dig deeper on the irreplaceability concept. I will send it to you through email if you subscribe now 🙂

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