The Question That Changed My Life

I remember graduating in 2015 feeling happy about it. Recently, I took a steep turn in my life!


Standing on the graduation stage, I was SUPER HAPPY.. but I had a funny feeling in my gut..


There was a question that kept showing up, but I kept ignoring it.. Little did I know that this simple question will lead me to where I am heading to now!!

Standing in front of my Engineering College

The First Big Decision After Graduation 


Fast forward end of the first semester… Now I started taking this question seriously..!! For the first time ever!!


Now you might be wondering WHAT THE HELL IS THIS QUESTION?! I will tell you what it is.. In a minute 🙂


This question led me to drop out of pursing the masters degree, simply because I didn’t find myself in it.


I discovered that I want to help other people like me grow and have a better life.. I didn’t know how, but I knew that was what I wanted to do!

This question is important for all of us, but we all choose to ignore it for a long time of our lives… But before I tell you what the question was.. Let me tell you how it made me feel..


I still remember that feeling on the stage… I was thinking: That’s it? I spent 4 years at college.. That’s all I get?!


What about my soft skills..? How do I hunt for jobs, the correct way..??

  • How do I write my CV..?
  • How do I network with people..??
  • Should I apply for masters..? Or should I get work experience first..?


The list of questions went on and on and on… and I think you resonate with some or all of these questions..!!


3 months from the graduation date and now I have a job in an international company as a Traffic Engineer and I am a Masters student….

This question kept showing up.. But I kept ignoring that question..!!

The Career Shift


One of the workshops I was facilitating

A few months went by and this same question showed up again.. This time, this question led me to take a decision to make a career shift to the education and entrepreneurship spaces.


I went through a journey full of pain and frustration.. But I was patient.. until I finally got a job in the education and entrepreneurship space..!


I decided to start this blog to share my journey with the people like you to inspire them to grow and succeed. I am on a mission to inspire and help people grow into their passion and success!


If you think you can add value to this journey, send me an email at and let’s have a chat..


What Is This Question?!


I didn’t forget about the question.. It’s a simple one: Am I fulfilled with my current status at life? If not, how can you fulfill yourself?


Now the question goes to you, are you fulfilled with your current status at life..?? If not, sign up to be part of this amazing journey..!!


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